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Are you getting the most out of life or is life getting the most out of you?
"Results do not have to take years!"

Get the Results Right Here and "NOW"!

 ~ Michael Grebas ~

Create it NOW Coach

The POWER of the Negative Mindset, can hold you back, freeze you in place lock you into the past.

The POWER of the Positive Mindset will free you to have an Extraordinary Life, Relationship and Business!!!




When your mind is racing, and your world is not where it should be.

When you ask yourself where do I go from here? Our coaching

programs are designed to answer that question and many more.

A Personal Life Coach is the resource of clarity, focus and opportunity.

When you need to have a breakthrough in any important area of your life.

When you are feeling stuck and you are not sure what your next step is, time is so very important.

 Whether it is a transition in life, personal development, relationship, overcoming the past and accountability, our coaching program will help you discover the answers you are looking for.



"You Deserve the best out of life and life Deserves the best out of you!"

~Michael Grebas ~

What you will discover coaching with Michael Grebas: 

  •   New ways to create success in life and understand the difference between happiness and joy!
  •   Overcome the past, regret, disappointment...
  •   Create passion and live your purpose!
  •   Build on your strengths and remove your weaknesses! 
  •   Build self-trust and strong confidence!
  •   Remove self-doubt and stop asking the question how did I get here! 
  •   Remove anger, frustrations in life, fear!
  •   Remove procrastination and that feeling of being overwhelmed! 
  •   Remove your struggles that leaves you exhausted, unmotivated, lost, unfilled!
  •   Ways to make healthy transitions (job, kids, relationship, health) ...
  •   A clear achievable action plan for your future!
  •   How to get unstuck "NOW"!
  •   Positive self-accountability!
  •   Live a healthier emotional and physical life!
  •   New tools to develop your life skills for decision making and personal empowerment! 

Do "NOT" wait one more day! You can`t get back time! There are wonderful opportunities waiting you. Take charge of your future "TODAY"! 

"Tomorrow waits for no one" ~ Michael Grebas ~

Stop missing out on life,  once you remove the road blocks you can define and achieve your goals starting TODAY!



The decisions that Larry and I have made since last August have been such a blessing and right on target for where we are now.  Our transition began last year when we sold our home in Colorado Springs in August to move into an apartment. Speaking and working with my business coach Michael Grebas really helped me focus more decisively.  Larry and I moved to Mesquite Texas for jobs.  Lesson here is to move in the direction of your passion, trust God and Keep moving forward. Never give up.


THANK YOU Michael Grebas

Debbie Strauch




Michael Grebas, Keys to Success; # 2 to a positive new direction: To resolve the challenges we all face in life requires clarity over focus.  We have so many things going on in our world at one time, so many emotions and the pressure to do something about it now. 1st step gets your mind set in the right place remove all the negative thought spend no time in the negative zone (head trash). 2nd step make sure you have all the facts, do not let your emotions or emotions of anyone else cloud the facts or drive the decision. 3rd step get the right healthy support around you, this can be your leadership team, and mastermind group a coach or maybe it will just take you mapping it out on a white board. 4th step your job is to work from a place of honor, integrity and respect for self and others to find a solution that creates a positive outcome never give up.

You are one step one decision away from making your dreams reality! 

Call Michael @ 719-339-7402 The Create it NOW Coach and make it happen TODAY!