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Note: Michael Grebas will work with you in person, at your office, at our conference room and or Skype. We host individual & group programs & workshops to meet all your needs

Michael Grebas  

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 Michael Grebas     " LIVE LIFE BY DESIGN"

Michael Grebas Business Development And Coaching Center Life Coach Business Coach 

Business Deveploment & Coaching Center Michael Grebas Life Coach Business Coach Couples Coach Speaker Key Note Speaker



Time is something we can never get back. Make "Today" the day you challenge yourself to live a powerful full life!

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Business Deveploment & Coaching Center Michael Grebas Life Coach Business Coach Couples Coach Speaker Key Note Speaker


Energetic - Empowering - Transformational

Life is not about finding yourself it is about creating "YOURSELF"

 What you can expect from Michael Grebas?
Clarity and Positive new focus points for your future both at home and work. You will learn new Life Skills, Leadership, Communication and Listening skills. You will develop new Problem Solving skills for both home and work. Our programs teach you how to Overcome, the Past, Rejection, Self-doubt, Disappointment, Anger, Fear, Stress, and Regret. You will Build Confidence, Create Exciting Achievable Positive Goals and an action plan to make it happen starting “TODAY”  

What does your Business need 1st?
Strategic Business Development • Organizational Development •Customer Relations Program. Do you need to Develop A Positive Team Environment • Employee & Management Leadership Training Programs. You and your team will learn new Communication and Listening Skills • Time Management • Setting Boundaries and Expectations •Remove Weaknesses and Develop Strengths • Find and Develop Team Passion. And Finally learn Effective Tools To Overcome Stress.
 Michael, I want to let you know the value of your coaching sessions. I have been to many other coaches, and I just did not feel I was getting ideas I could immediately apply. Also no one met me where I am as an individual to help me work with my personality, whereas you didn't tell me to try to be who I wasn't . You gave me tools to listen and communicate better. With your insight I came away with real ideas that I put in place right away. The sessions were life changing. I would recommend Michael Grebas to anyone.
 "TC" - Teresa Clark
Author & CEO On Fire Content Marketing Consulant

Determination ~ Commitment ~ Results

To Create Success in your Life and Business Requires, Clarity, Focus, Confidence, Vision, Healthy Positive Actions... Michael Grebas created an powerful coaching and training programs deals with the serious internal and external challenges that we all face in life and in business. With our powerful programs you will move from where you are to where you want/need to be.

The Live By Design & Execute Program, Michael Grebas creates clarity for what you don`t know you don`t know in the most important key areas of your life and business. Then we remove fear, self-doubt and create a results plan with a timetable for measurable results and an achievable vision for you to live an amazing personal and professional life.

Transform your Business, Every day is an opportunity to achieve more success in business. With the right strategic business plan and growth strategy you will improve business practices and develop a successful marketing plan and remove business uncertainty. Michael Grebas has designed an employee leadership training program  that creates a highly effective work force and an exciting customer experience.
Create immediate answers with clarity, focus and develop life skills for the individual and professional.
Results do not have to take years!  thought provoking educational material  is results-driven.


Life Changing

Create and achieve challenging goals for yourself and your business.


Measurable Results